Sanitaire Natural Hand Cleaner


  • Superior Cleaning Power
  • Free Of Dyes And Perfumes
  • Advanced Skin Protection

“As a licensed and highly experienced Medical Doctor (MD) I’ve consulted over 150,000 people in my career. Cleanliness and sanitary practices play a considerable role in health & wellness. Every formula I have is borne out of my substantial clinical experience, observation, research and testing in an advanced healthcare setting.

My significant clinical experience and first-hand knowledge of medical sanitary practices were the genesis to formulate my SANITAIRE HAND CLEANER. I’m not some guru blindly promoting the wild and unrestrained use of wellness products without observed evidence of therapeutic benefits. SANITAIRE HAND CLEANER is designed to be a world-class hand cleaning product. I hope you enjoy SANITAIRE HAND CLEANER.”

-Dr. Farrah™ Agustin-Bunch, M.D.

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