Statins — Gateway Drugs for Big Pharma! Take One and You’ll Need Four Or Five More Prescriptions For the Side Effects

Drug dependence is becoming more common among those who need regular medication for serious, chronic or debilitating diseases like diabetes or cancer. In diabetes, statin drugs or cholesterol-lowering drugs, are more of the norm and it has reached a point that one cannot function well without them sometimes. Or can we?

The common belief is that if you start your “road to recovery” from debilitating diseases like diabetes with drugs like statins, you become hooked to it even if your body can still live without them with alternative medication. A friend who had Type 2 Diabetes managed to wean herself from statin drugs through a strict no carbohydrate, high fiber and leafy green vegetable diet – and lots of exercise!

But not everybody like my friend has the resolve to wean themselves out of drug dependence. In fact, one out of every three American adults is taking statins. If that looks good to you from a revenue-generating standpoint, it does but there’s more to the story.

Statins are gateway drugs, which means aside from its cholesterol-lowering capability, it generates so many side effects that you end up with four or five more prescriptions to address those side effects. And the only one who benefits from such an arrangement is Big Pharma (so you now understand the reason why Big Pharma likes us hooked on statin drugs?).

The Dangerous Health Effects of Statins

Not too many conventional medical doctors talk about the effects of statins on the body which by the way are almost like dangerous drugs to us already. Firstly, statin drug suppress your body’s immune system, making it less effective to fight off infections. They prevent also the production of coenzyme Q10 which is instrumental in regulating your immune and nervous system and ensures a healthy heart and blood pressure.

These statins can also elevate your risk of developing neurological diseases, such as forgetfulness, memory loss, and confusion. And all of these side effects has a solution – in the mode of more pills and other conventional medications from Big Pharma.

Statins are also known to increase one’s risk of developing diabetes in so much that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required that a warning label is put on the package of statin drugs to state the link between higher blood glucose levels, diabetes, and statin drugs. The risk is supposed to be much more elevated when you are an older woman. Australian studies revealed that elderly women who took higher dosages of statins had a 50% higher risk of developing diabetes. This implies that one can end up taking diabetes medication for the rest of one’s life.

What benefit do we get putting ourselves at additional risk by taking statins? According to a study published in BMJ, regularly taking statin drugs over a 2 to 5 year period only lengthens our life by 3.2 days on average (about 4.1 days if you’ve had a heart attack already) – if the side effects of statin drugs don’t kill you first.

Statin drugs also elevate your risk of breast and prostate cancer, liver damage, a reduced sex drive and speeds up aging, according to another holistic doctor.

And these are drugs that are approved by the FDA? From what has happened locally to us, most recently the dengue vaccine issue inflicting potential harm to more than 700,000 grade school children, I wonder also if the local FDA has our health as their main priority!

Alternatives to Statins

Certainly, there are many alternatives to statins. Firstly and like the case of my friend who was a former Type 2 Diabetes patient, a balanced and very organic diet is uppermost in kicking statins out. Eating a daily diet of less or no carbohydrates with lots of fiber and other minerals taken from green, leafy vegetables, and organic fruits will keep your blood circulation, vital organs and tissues in tip-top shape.

Moreover, exercise is very important and keeping a positive attitude towards life. I have written an article about exercising your brown fat before: __________________ . Intensive exercise in the early morning at a room temperature of 62°F to 64°F (16°C to 18°C) will burn up your fat faster. And yes, please remove all of your clothing when you exercise J.

Likewise, going out in the sunshine in the very early morning from 6 am to 9 am should be a great way to keep you feeling better every day. Everyday brisk walking of 20-30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week should do the trick too!

So do you believe in our concept of statins? Share your opinions in our comments section below!