Doctor Mistakes and Hospital Errors Give More Stress to Patients than Actual Diseases!

Doctor Mistakes and Hospital Errors

7 Medical Mistakes That Harm Patients

You can’t argue or even discuss health and medical topics with Americans who believe every word that comes out of a medical doctor’s mouth as the holy grail of advice. And then there was Dr. Farid Fata, the Detroit area oncologist, who was sentenced to 45 years in prison for administering chemotherapy on healthy patients, some of whom died. Fata pleads guilty to defrauding Medicare of $34 million, including laundering money and conspiring for kickbacks from other medical facilities that aided him in false diagnoses for more than nine years.

S.D. Wells on the article Top 7 Massive doctor mistakes and
hospital errors that cost you stress, money and possibly your life.

Doctors are perceived to be the “experts” in their field. So, it should not be surprising if people put their trust in them. We’re just too lucky Dr. Fata’s fraudulent activities were exposed, letting us know that not all medical doctors can be trusted. However, one of his cohort oncologists, David H. Gorski, still operates in Detroit who bad mouths people through his blog site just because they are asking him questions about chemo or vaccines!

Don’t take risks in consulting with a deceitful doctor, taking unreliable medicines, and going to careless hospitals, or psychopaths staffs! Being sick is bad enough, don’t get yourself in much trouble. Don’t rely on people who care less about you while sipping the money out of your pockets.

However, people also have their fair share of this awful situation. Eating ‘junk-science’ processed food every day which results in the need to pop synthetic medicines to ease symptoms. People simply don’t get it, sometimes — synthetic medicines only provide relief for “symptoms” and not targeting the real cause of the illness! They highly believed the expertise of their doctors telling them it’s all in the “genes” while in fact, the symptoms were coming from a greater source. What they are good at is prescribing expensive and ineffective medicines to “calm” the symptoms while giving a handful more of side effects from the drugs.

Is this really the advice of an expert? Change has come. Natural remedies are readily available for you. Eat organic foods! Both of these will not just ease the symptoms, but they provide you with overall health, with no added side effects and errors!

Errors. Even doctors and hospitals commit them. Sadly, even willingly. Below are the 7 massive doctor mistakes and hospital errors listed by S.D. Wells to get you informed:

1. False-positive mammograms

Mammograms were supposed to “detect” early stage of breast cancer, yet, it failed to serve its purpose. In reverse, it even causes cancer more than it, solving the problem.

A few years back, a team of researchers at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) studied women who received a decade of annual mammograms, only to find out more than half of them were cancer free but tested “positive” anyway. The “malignant” tests themselves expose women to radiation, and after the false-positive diagnoses, these women would suffer much more stress, unhealthy (and expensive) diagnostic tests, and potentially some highly invasive breast-scarring biopsy surgery. What’s worse is that false-positive mammograms, also known as “scam-o-grams,” are rampant in the U.S.A.

2. Prescribing antibiotics for a viral infection

If antibiotics are given for a viral infection, it would definitely kill good bacteria. Don’t let yourself be a victim of this fraud!

Antibiotics are only effective at combating bacterial infections, but thousands of physicians across America just want to get their patients “out the door” and move on to the next allopathic victim. Not only are antibiotics useless against viruses, they kill all of your good gut bacteria, annihilating your immune system and subjecting you to a much worse attack if the infection is indeed viral. Bacterial infections may include ear, sinus and throat infections, bladder infections, and wound and skin infections.

Yet even antibiotics for those infections are becoming useless due to the overuse of antibiotics in hospitals and especially CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) that supply the majority of meat to carnivores across the country. Common viral infections may also include ear and throat infections, bronchitis (and most coughs), common colds, influenza, and the stomach flu. National health surveys find more than half of medical visits for sore throats caused by viruses wind up with patients getting prescribed antibiotics, and nearly 3/4ths of all viral bronchitis cases get the same massive mistake. Got superbugs like MRSA? It’s no wonder why.

3. Operating on the wrong body part or the wrong person

In spite of expensive hospital admission and doctor fees, here we are, receiving unworthy treatments. Aren’t we human? Doctors are supposed to heal us, not kill us!

There have been over 8,000,000 hospital errors just since the year 2000. While drug companies and medical doctors profit in the billions, people are dying by the millions. Just take a look at for more statistics like this one. According to research, hospital errors kill about 200,000 people per year.

4. Not cleaning instruments or wounds properly during and after operations

This is way too disgusting! Health professionals should know that hygiene, above all, is important when it comes to surgeries. Just … why?

Americans take it for granted that hospitals will have clean equipment on hand, but usually, they don’t. Take Detroit Medical Center in Midtown for example. Superbug infested surgical instruments and other tools have been identified for over a decade, and some tools are just missing altogether. You really think those doctors will just stop their work right then and there and postpone your operation?

5. Authorizing chemotherapy for types of cancer where it never works

Chemo it totally useless, period. If doctors themselves refuse to take chemo, why would they give us such a harmful treatment?

Chemotherapy is totally useless for fighting pancreatic cancer and prostate tumors. Yet some oncologists will still obtusely administer and prescribe it. Plus, chemotherapy fails more than 97 percent of the time on average, so maybe it’s just one big mistake on everyone’s part – polluting the body with chemicals in an attempt to defeat a cell disorder that’s caused by chemicals in the first place. That’s why 75 percent of doctors refuse chemo for themselves or their own family.

6. Spreading cancer by operating on a tumor

If you have decided to go for a surgery, think again. It might just make things worst.

Going under the knife for cancer is invasive, stressful to the body, and sometimes the biggest mistake of one’s life. A tumor is actually your body’s way of containing the cancer cells. Maybe your best option is to clean up your diet and watch it rescind naturally.

7. Giving a newborn baby, infant or child too many vaccines too close together

If you love your children, read about this. Not all vaccines are safe for them. Responsible parenthood is protecting them from possible harm — and that includes vaccines, too.

Many new parents are paranoid about infectious diseases because the American media and the CDC spread vicious, scary propaganda in order to pad the pockets of Big Pharma. As a result, more than a hundred million parents rush to get their babies and children jabbed with every toxic immunization the CDC has on their inundated “recommended” schedule. Have you even glanced at the insane ingredients in today’s vaccines? Do you really want your child injected with African Green monkey kidney cells, mercury, embalming fluid (formaldehyde), aluminum and MSG? Do you really think 50 vaccines before age 7 is safe and “effective?” Sure sounds ominous.

Health is wealth. But for some, it appears that people’s diseases become their wealth. Prescribing expensive drugs and treatments are not the way to the top. Don’t let yourselves be fooled by “expert advice.” Get yourselves informed.

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