6 Lifestyle Habits That Suck The Energy From Your Day

6 Lifestyle Habits That Suck The Energy From Your DayA 20-Minute Nap
6 Lifestyle Habits That Suck The Energy From Your Day

Are you constantly exhausted and drained of energy way before bedtime? Do you engage in habits that constantly zap your energy?

Here are lifestyle habits that you might want to reconsider breaking or discontinuing to generate enough energy for the day:

Drinking too much coffee

Avoid energy depletion by limiting or totally removing caffeine from the body. Depending on caffeine to keep you awake at night leads to bad sleep quality, anxiety, nervousness, and edginess. That’s because caffeine gives you a fast energy boost but an excessive amount can result in a drop in blood sugar as well as energy depletion. It also prevents you from easily absorbing plant sources of iron, the transportation of oxygen, and the production of hemoglobin in the body.

Forgetting to drink enough water

Staying hydrated is important for optimizing your energy as well as enabling the smooth transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. This smooth transition enables the cells to produce enough energy to power you throughout the day. The amount of water you need to drink depends on the person’s build, age, level of physical activity, and the temperature in the surrounding environment.

Not eating enough protein

Protein energizes the body for you to power up during a busy day. It also helps in the management of blood sugar and assists in the slowing down of the release of carbohydrates in the body, thus generating more energy.

Thus, a lack of protein may lead you to have constant cravings for sugar or carbohydrates, lack muscle tone, and have brittle nails. Eating a protein-rich diet replete with meat, fish, eggs – all organic, nuts and seeds will help energize you and balance blood sugar levels.

Being physically inactive

Exercise has a lot of benefits to one person, particularly in generating energy throughout the day. It improves circulation and helps in moving oxygen throughout the body to assist in energy production. Regular exercise helps to manage or lower your stress levels and generates mental energy by releasing endorphins and serotonin. Light exercises like a 15-minute walk every day are certainly a big help to boost energy levels by as much as 20%. If you feel lethargic, take a brisk 15-minute walk daily.

Following a low carbohydrate diet, occasionally

We do not encourage the consumption of carbohydrates that much, especially complex carbohydrates. But we make up for exceptions in simple carbohydrates such as fruits like bananas, mangoes, and organic honey (hopefully all are organic and pesticide-free!). But under the Dr. Farrah® Healing Method, we initially allow for fruits especially the one with pits, and then gradually wean them away from fruits with a lot of sugar content.

Complex carbohydrates like polished rice and white bread are definite no-nos. It is a misconception that polished rice can fill you up with energy. On the contrary, polished rice produces glucose which is difficult to burn up in the body, especially when you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Drinking too much alcohol to unwind

Drinking a glass of wine or two every night as a habit actually affects your energy level storehouse. It may help you relax but it may make you feel unrefreshed when you wake up in the morning. Alcohol can deplete your Vitamin B which is important in energy production. Sugar and stimulants which are present in alcohol can interrupt your blood sugar levels, causing an energy slump. Avoid it at all costs.

So, do you have any other tips to increase your energy levels during the day? Let us know in the comments below!

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