8 Best Reasons to Go Vegetarian


I am a downright vegetable aficionado ever since I was a very young kid. I thank my father for instilling in me the value of eating vegetables since I was a kid.

And you should too! So here are a few reasons why you should go vegetarian or semi-vegetarian:

Prevents Cancer

A regular diet of vegetables and fruits is strongly related to a lower risk of developing some cancers. It has been studied that vegetarians tend to have a lower incidence of cancer than non-vegetarians. Eating red or processed meat is related to a probable risk of developing colorectal cancer. Eat your fruits and vegetables then!

Lower the risk of Heart Disease

All vegetarian diets have a naturally lower concentration of cholesterol or saturated fat – and have a higher component of plant nutrients than meat-based dishes. Vegetarians are also known to have a 24% lower risk of dying from heart disease than non-vegetarians. People who are also on a low-fat vegetarian diet can actually reverse coronary heart disease.

Slow the aging process

You get to live longer by eating vegetables, according to a 12-year old study conducted by Oxford which states that vegetarians outlive meat eaters by six years. Undoubtedly, plant-based diets are largely rich in antioxidants, fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals which strengthens the immune system and slows down aging. It is logical that those who eat vegetarian diets also can reverse specific chronic diseases.

* Avoid the GMO and Pesticides

By adopting a vegetarian diet, you escape dining on the hormones, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and other “Franken foods” that are out there on the market. That also includes all the harmful bacteria, viruses, salmonella, etc. that you might encounter in meat.

* A painless way to lose weight permanently!

The Oxford Vegetarian Study revealed that the body mass index (BMI), a measure of body fat, of vegetarians are usually lower for both men and women than non-vegetarians due to a diet rich in fiber and high in high energy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

* Compassion for animals

All animals have some form of sentience but not probably the same as ours. Gone are the days when chickens and pigs can roam free in pastures and vales. Now, they have to endure torture in cramped spaces and die on their own in deplorable situations. A vegetarian lifestyle teaches us to be compassionate to animals which lead to a kinder and gentler life.

* Contribute our bit to Ending Global Warming.

The biggest contribution you can give to the world is to eat vegetables because it will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere! Do you know that according to a 2006 study, livestock produces more greenhouse gases than all the trucks and cars in the world combined? And most of these greenhouse gases are generated by livestock manure.

* Having fun with vegetarian meals

Do you know you can have fun preparing vegetarian meals? Most of it involves using different kinds of vegetables with eye-catching colors. You can plan your meals using color and taste. Try it!

How about you – do you have another reason for turning vegetarian? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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