Cancer In Your Dairy? The Link Between Lymphatic Cancer and RBGH

Lymphatic Cancer

(DoctorFarrah)- There is a type of cancer that seems to have not been given much focus compared to breast, prostate, or pancreatic cancer. It is called Lymphatic Cancer.

Lymphatic Cancer is a type of cancer that begins in our immune system, in this case, our lymphatic nodes and cells. This is also the type of cancer that usually occurs when an existing cancer in a patient has metastasized, meaning spread into other parts of the body.

An epidemic rise in lymphatic cancers occurred starting in 1995 and continued thereafter. Before 1995, reports of lymphatic cancer cases were quite rare. Now, if you add up all the total number of cancer deaths from prostate, lung, pancreatic, breast and genital cancers, they do not add up to the total number of deaths from lymphatic cancers now.

What triggered the lymphatic cancer epidemic?

In 1995, a genetically engineered drug called recombinant bovine growth hormone or RBGH was created by the U.S. as a hormone to be injected into cows so they would produce more milk. Now Americans practically consume almost 180 billion pounds of dairy products yearly. But surprisingly, the number of deaths from lymphatic cancers also went up since then. That’s because most of the milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt consumed by Americans come from cows treated with RBGH.

A study conducted on lab rats indicated that an average male rat that received RBGH developed a spleen almost 40% bigger than the spleen of control rats after 90 days. Likewise, the spleen of female rats fed RBGH even grew bigger than the males – 46% bigger after 90 days!

Since the spleen is the first line of defense for mammals, this means the rat’s immune system was under attack by this RBGH synthetic hormone. It just shows how destructive RBGH can be to our immune system.

Kindly see the illustration below regarding the 8 substances that dangerously were found in dairy cows from Idaho, U.S.


And here are the perceptible death rates of patients from lymphatic cancers. Notice the spike in deaths in 1995.

Even though the figures I present here are U.S. statistics, the same can be said with what’s happening in the Philippines too. We also have increases in lymphatic cancers, mainly due to the toxic chemicals in the environment right now and the air pollution that surrounds us.

Image by BlackCab / CC BY-SA 3.0

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