Do Mammograms Really Prevent Breast Cancer Development?


If you’re quite uncertain of the answer, then you should probably need to hear this: Mammograms increase your risk of breast cancer! The pink ribbon might have made you believe that breast cancer can be prevented for the longest time, however, they failed to inform you that mammograms can cause breast cancer, too!

Why do doctors stick to a carcinogenic treatment when in fact there are other methods which do not cause harm to women? Are we really going backwards? With the advancement of technology, this is quite disappointing. Oh, yes. It is because cancer has become a serious money-making industry now; where people’s health is not the priority but the profit.

Mammograms are harmful!

Mammography contains ionizing radiation which is highly carcinogenic! Come to think of it. Are you using a cancer-causing device to discern breast tumors? If, say, you have a malignant tumor, the crushing compression of your breast from the radiation machine could even cause metastasis!

Don’t get confused of why all these information did not cross you cause you probably have been Pinkwashed! The public never heard about the potential risks of mammography because breast cancer campaigns are coming mostly from the ‘Pink Ribbon’ foundation. Their campaigns do little to raise awareness about potential cancer-causing substances for women to avoid, focusing on advertising their carcinogenic products on the market to raise funds for ‘finding the cure.’ Another money-making business at its finest.

Do not Take Detection as Prevention — They’re Way Too Different

Detection is not prevention so they should not be advertised as that. There are certain factors affecting the chance of a woman to prevent or develop breast cancer in her lifetime. These may include avoiding cancer-causing products, foods, and changing her lifestyle habits as a whole. Mammogram cannot save you from breast cancer, but these can. This is an assumption that we need to take away from our minds.

Carcinogens (cancer-causing products)

Visiting the website of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, when you search for the term “carcinogen”, it will lead you to a blank page. There is no available information on this site explaining the role of carcinogenic products on cancer development. Moreover, it doesn’t even emphasize the more important things such as maintaining a healthy diet or engaging yourself in exercises, which are natural and effective way to prevent most diseases including cancer.

Another website which does not contain substantial amount of information about carcinogen is Susan G Komen’s (the founder of the Pink ribbon foundation) site. There is only one study under this tab which is an antidepressant medication. However, other than that, “carcinogen” cannot be found elsewhere, even on the sites’ glossary. Both are aiming to find the cure, yet none of them are spreading any information about prevention. Isn’t that ironically absurd? We could have avoided cancer in the first place by being aware of its causes, rather than curing it at the end.

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