EPA and Monsanto Covered up Evidence that Glyphosate Causes Cancer For 35 Years

Environmental Protection Agency

If you still believe that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are the “good guys” that protect our interests and our health against Big Companies wanting to make money out of us, think again!

For the last 35 years, Monsanto, the big pesticide-making company who manufactures Roundup, the glyphosate-laced herbicide, has been colluding with the EPA to hide vital information from the public. That information is that glyphosate causes cancer in humans and animals alike.

For the uninformed, Monsanto is the world’s largest producer of pesticides, particularly herbicides. It is also a pioneering producer of Genetically Modified or Engineered Seeds (GMOs). Totally known to the EPA, Monsanto has been manufacturing its pesticides and herbicides with the active ingredient Glyphosate.

Glyphosate, as an herbicide, is absorbed through the plant’s leaves and roots and carried internally by the plant. So much herbicide has already been produced and used by U.S. farmers that the U.S Geological Survey reported that over 2.6 billion pounds of Roundup were applied on U.S. farmland since 1992 and 2012.

A Conspiracy of Data

EPA memos and internal correspondence have shown that glyphosate’s ability to cause cancer in mammals was discovered as early as 1981. In fact, studies as early as the last 1970s conducted on lab animals and glyphosate indicated that glyphosate can cause cancer in dogs, rats, and mice.

Monsanto, with the EPA’s knowledge and cooperation, deliberately hid all the negative findings from consumers, investors, and the public. Monsanto used the excuse that all the technical and scientific data gathered as “trade secrets”. However, Monsanto made it look that Roundup was still safe for consumers, meaning “farmers ‘use”.

What were the results of the scientific studies on glyphosate? From the memos and internal correspondence, it was found out that Monsanto covered the fact that Roundup was not a safe product and passed it off as a “safe” one. It also stated that glyphosate can cause irreversible damage to the kidneys as well as hyperplasia in rats.

Hyperplasia is an anomalous enlargement of healthy tissues, cells, or organs in the body, which may pose as a precancerous condition. By 1980, the study’s test animals had developed malignant tumors and hyperplasia. These findings were not released to the consumers by Monsanto, even though the EPA was well aware of it.

To make it look that glyphosate did not really pose a threat to the health and safety of farmers and other people who will use it, Monsanto reduced the amount of glyphosate given to the lab rats in the studies in order to pass the test.

Glyphosate’s Role as a Potential Human Carcinogen

Finally, in March 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared its verdict, designating glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen”. It was also found out that glyphosate causes severe side effects to humans when exposed to it. It was tested to produce bone cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, melanoma, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, and thyroid cancer.

Right after the 2015 WHO announcement, law firms across American started registering Roundup exposed victims diagnosed with cancer. It was found out that most of these victims were farm workers, farmers, agricultural workers, and those individuals living in farmlands with their families.

Unfortunately, up to now, the EPA, along with Monsanto, still covers this important, dangerous fact about glyphosate and Roundup.

Better grow and harvest your own vegetables, herbs, and fruits so you can be sure they are glyphosate- and pesticide-free. Because if we cannot trust the EPA or any other government agency allowing the sale of glyphosate-laced herbicide in the country, then who should we trust?