‘FDA is not to be Trusted with Public Safety’ Says New Harvard Study

FDA is not to be Trusted

Harvard Drops BOMB On FDA With Shocking Study

(DoctorFarrah)- The article written by Prof. Donald Light, Joel Lexchin, and Jonathan Darrow entitled Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs is set to be published in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics (JLME).

Evidences which show that about 90% of all new drugs approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) over the last 30 years have no significant advantages in comparison to other existing drugs.

The said article emphasized the supposed role of FDA is taking charge of the public health and safety. However, it seemed like nothing but a puppet controlled by the giant pharmaceutical and drug companies.

Also, the article pointed out how 1 in 5 FDA approved drugs have become the 4th leading cause of death. Other related issues with drugs such as overdosing, errors, and recreational use have caused 80 million people annually from insomnia, dizziness, aches, and digestive problems.

Just in the United States, 12,000 people die every year from unnecessary surgeries; 7,000 people die because of medical errors while 20,000 die from other errors. Infections acquired from the hospital have already killed 80,000 people and the adverse side effects of medications have killed 106,000 people.

The pharmaceutical industry has truly made a large contribution to the FDA, for their reviews on their drugs and other products, have moved these companies to give large campaign donations to the US Congress that passed legislation for their sole benefit. According to the authors, the Congress has underfunded FDA enforcement capacities since 1906, and turning to industry-paid “user fees” since 1992 has biased funding to limit the FDA’s ability to protect the public from serious adverse reactions to drugs that have few offsetting advantages.

In this case, Pharmaceutical Companies spend more money selling and promoting products and drugs rather than organizing scientific researches and studies to assure the safety of these products. These circumstances lead to innocent consumers being victimized by these unmerciful giants. With the money they robbed out of patients who put hope to their products, pharmaceutical companies buy public trust by funding researchers that will soon be published as literature and so the FDA’s approval will not be put into question. These published journals will then be used to conceal the real side effect of the drug while overstating its benefits.

How ironic it is to know that FDA, who gets paid by these pharmaceutical giants, cannot perform their own studies given the funds. They have greatly relied on the information laid on their table by these companies and corrupt the minds of the innocent that these products are beneficial. Sometimes, even good physicians recommend these toxic drugs and products to their patients just because it was approved by the FDA.

Conflict of Interest

Not long ago, Monsanto’s products GM maize and Roundup were found to cause huge tumors in rats based on the Séralini study. These products were then unleashed to have genetically modified organisms which are linked to a much wider range of diseases such as cancer, birth defects, gluten diseases, and allergies.

However, most donations to schools and universities come from these giant pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Think about this; do these so-called “scientific studies” really get us to progress?

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