Foods Which Are Deceptively High in Sugar Content

Foods Which Are Deceptively High in Sugar Content

(DoctorFarrah)- Sometime ago, we wrote about sugar permeating a lot of foods, particularly processed foods in the market now?

Take a look at this list of foodstuffs that deceptively look like they’re devoid of or have little sugar but are actually high in sugar content.

* Sports drinks

It’s sugar that gives you the added energy when you imbibe these drinks. That’s okay if you’re running a marathon, exercise training or other endurance events. Any other event that doesn’t entail lots of exercise or strenuous activity will just be an opportunity to consume not just more calories but more sweets. Even though there are sugar-free sports drinks, better drink water instead.

* Low-fat yogurts

The sugar content of low-fat yogurt can be overlooked sometimes but the truth is there is high sugar content in these so-called “healthy foods”. Check on its ingredient list and nutrition labeling to be sure. On the other hand, go instead for plain, low-fat natural yogurt and serve it with fresh fruit to avail yourself of its natural sweetness.

* Ready meals

When we buy our meals pre-made and ready to pop into a microwave to heat, we cannot prevent them from being surprisingly high in sugar or even salt. Again, check the ingredients list to see what they have there. Otherwise, assume that your pre-cooked meal is high in sugar content.

* Fruit juice and fruit juice drinks

A glass of pure juice packs up a punch as a glass of cola in terms of calories and energy. The difference is it contains naturally occurring sugar which comes with additional nutrients like vitamins. Best to drink this only once a day. If you’re going to drink a small portion of fruit juice, just make sure it is pure and unsweetened. Better, eat the whole fruit instead.

Keep in mind that bottled fruit juices like mango, peach or lychee will have added sugar to make them even sweeter.

* Condiments

Ketchup (tomato or banana) sauce, sweet chili sauce, brown sauce as in Mang Tomas Lechon Sauce can look like a small addition to your dish but actually, these condiments are often packed with sugar. Each tablespoon measuring 15 ml could be carrying a teaspoon of sugar. Check the ingredient label and choose the one with lower sugar and salt components. Better, make your own fresh tomato sauce at home and carry with you to work.

* Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is high in calories, for a fact. Some alcoholic drinks will also have sugar, especially the so-called “ladies drinks”. Keep in mind that mixers can also be high in sugar and will add to the calorie count as well.

Okay, any other foodstuffs that we missed that are high in sugar which you might know? Share the info with us here in the comments below!

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