I WAS a Conventional Medical Doctor, Then I Chose to Become More

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I have to make a confession. Over 17 years ago, I was a typical conventional medical doctor with little experience in using fresh and organic plants and herbs in my practice. Like others, I believed in the almighty efficacy of Western-made and Western-molded drugs that I prescribed to my patients.

I had little experience combining alternative therapies with my medical practice, or even using them on myself. That changed when I extensively studied natural therapies and began testing them many years ago. Natural therapies were the reason for the success of my medical center in the Philippines.

Some conventional drugs have a place in medicine, but I feel that the role should be very limited instead of the free-for-all prescription bonanza that it’s become.

I’m not alone in this belief.  This faith in natural medicine.

Seventy percent of Americans believe in the positive effects of complementary and alternative medicine. Although the concept of using alternative therapies in their practice is still new among conventional doctors, this is already gaining ground among a number of conventional medical practitioners.

So why are more conventional physicians like me (before) adopting alternative medicine?

Here are six things that convinced me to change my former conventional healing/treatment approach to cancer and other chronic, debilitating diseases to an all-natural, plant-based and organic approach:

  1. I was frustrated with the current conventional healing methods and turned to a “back-to-basics”, all-natural treatment approach using plants for chronic illness.

Not too long ago, my husband and my kids were always down with chronic coughs and colds that could not be cured no matter how much antibiotics and steroid-filled medicines we used. Until I whipped out my special concoction of honey and cinnamon. By the second day, they were experiencing relief from all the colds and coughs.

Since then, I swore off conventional medicines and vowed to concoct my own herbal remedies and treatments using all-natural, organic plants and herbs for my patients. Plus, utilizing herbal remedies and treatments I believe are more “humane” towards the patient; you hardly hear of anyone overdosing or experiencing adverse side effects on such medications, right? This, I believe, is a better solution for our patients.

Many patients seek out alternative practitioners specifically because conventional, mainstream medicine provides relief only for their symptoms instead of the root cause of them. I address that issue by going to the root cause of the problem.

  1. Food, basically a natural, plant-based DIET, is the best medicine.

I emphasize an all-natural, organic, and pesticide- and herbicide-free DIET. We have propounded even before the Center was inaugurated that DIET and LIFESTYLE are the two main factors which determine a person’s successful recovery from debilitating disease.

In fact, in a recent study, it showed that only 27% of U.S. medical schools teach nutrition courses to their students. Physicians are also becoming more aware about the advantages of a well thought of diet to the health and recovery of a patient.

  1. I discovered an immunotherapy approach against cancer using plant-based protocols that not only are painless but use the body’s natural “fighters” to stave off autoimmune and chronic diseases.

Immunotherapy is based on using the body’s natural fighters which is a healthy autoimmune system to fight viruses, bacteria, and other foreign bodies. All we did was to identify which plants and herbs can support those natural fighters, bottle the solution up in a container, and give it to patients who need them.

Autoimmune diseases can be difficult to treat but not hopeless to remedy. Our treatments and medications address those gaps in the conventional treatment process by providing medications that are free of synthetics and emphasize on a balanced nutrition to fight disease. In fact, DIET and a healthy lifestyle of constant exercise, plus eliminating all the toxins from your food and immediate environment are the solutions to rapid recovery from illnesses and disease.

  1. Alternative medicine can be a valid solution to chronic pain.

Do you know that chronic pain affects 100 million Americans at the moment – and that a lot of them are addicted to prescription opioids?

Offering alternative treatment solutions to pain, like acupuncture, chiropractic, and mindfulness meditation are excellent alternative solutions to the drug approach. I suggest you try these out for yourself and reap the benefits.

As I moved on with my plant and herb research and testing, we discovered and continue to discover certain plants and herbs that help us in our treatment of debilitating diseases, such as ashwagandha, serpentina, yucca, spirulina, moringa, mugwort, etc.

  1. Medical doctors can’t ignore the importance of the microbiome any longer.

The microbiome is that part of our anatomy that contains trillions of bacteria which are highly influential to our health and happiness. What we need to do now is to nourish the microbiome and keep it free from any toxins that may come into the body through our food, air, water and the natural environment we live and work in.

Therefore, we need to go beyond the conventional drug way to nourish the microbiome. Gastrointestinal disorders like ulcers, GERD, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) exert their influence to other parts of the body like the brain, the skin, and our immune system. We can use healing essential oils, liver and kidney flushes, and other nature-based solutions to keep our microbiome healthy and in optimum shape.

  1. A Lifestyle-based approach to Healing from disease works wonders for the seriously sick.

Do everything in moderation. Take time to exercise, eat a balanced diet, and adopt proper mental health through meditation and yoga are the key to healing and getting better. Never complicate the problem.

Moving towards Propagating a Natural Medical Approach to Diseases

I learned a lot from conventional medicine when I was still in medical school – mostly the foundation of modern medicine and how it worked, and doesn’t work. But I’m glad I made the choice to transition to natural medicine from a conventional standpoint. Natural Medicine utilizes a more holistic and humane view of diseases and how to address them. It looks at the root cause of a disease instead of just addressing the symptoms. It looks at a patient as a person and not just as a specimen of disease.

I enjoin others to practice a more humane but impactful way of treating chronic and debilitating diseases. All the tools and ingredients are there in nature; you just have to look.

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