Oxford Study Reveals Breast Cancer Can Return Years After The “All Clear”

Breast Cancer Can Return

A new cancer study from England has bored a hole in the conventional cancer therapy myth. The findings of this study showed that women, who undergo conventional cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer, often experience the deadly disease returning even 20 years after remission.

Oxford University researchers of the study looked at 88 separate clinical trials covering 62,923 women who were treated for breast cancer. Analyzing all the data, they concluded that breast cancer often lies “dormant” in women’s bodies even after treatment has ended, and sometimes, even after remission. This is the reason why conventional oncologists advise patients to keep on taking hormone drugs like tamoxifen in order to keep cancerous tumors at bay after the “all clear” diagnosis has been given.

A woman who has been cleared of breast cancer might take tamoxifen for several years after chemotherapy and look and feel fine – until she stops taking tamoxifen. According to the study, breast cancer may surprisingly re-emerge, even decades later, resulting in a second breast cancer diagnosis. This has been the astounding finding of the Oxford University study.

The study conclusively said that there is a higher risk of cancer remission if these women stop taking tamoxifen. Basically, these drugs are only a temporary solution to the problem. In essence, there is no lasting “conventional” drug cure for breast cancer yet.

On the other hand, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy are still the preferred methods for breast cancer treatment. Studies show that chemo triggers cancer cells not just to replicate but also to spread to other parts of the body.

Cancer – a disease wherein doctors opt to keep patients in the dark about alternative treatments

What is baffling is when conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery) are still a “hit-and-miss thing”, meaning you survive the procedure or you don’t, people with cancer still opt to have them.

I would call the previous treatments as “poisoning yourself back to health”. All that carcinogenic chemicals sloshing around your body is not going to help you heal in the long-term. It may kill cancer cells initially and keep the tumors from growing for a little while. But after a few months and years, the cancer comes back.

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