Séralini Study: GMO and Cancer Link is Real!

gmo and cancer link

Though there are more paid peer-studied researches, there are still some notable studies that deserve to be put on every news headlines to make the whole world know about them. One of which is a study entitled Long Term Toxicity of Roundup Herbicide and a Roundup-Tolerant genetically modified maize spearheaded by Gilles-Eric Séralini.

The following paragraphs are Séralini’s findings which made the loudest noise in the medical world:

The study was conducted in 2012 within France’s Caen University. It is the first study to examine the possible effects of a GMO maize diet treated with Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide (probably the reason why this study gained so much attention!). Séralini’s study involved 100 female and 100 male rats. Subjects were divided into four groups: group 1 were fed with NK603; group 2 with GM maize sprayed with Roundup; group 3 was given with only drinking water with the lowest permissible limit of Roundup; while the last group was feed with a standard diet with the closest variety of non-GM maize.

After the tests, group 1 (fed with NK603) and group 2 (fed with water containing Roundup) died much earlier than the other groups. Causes of death include hormonal and sex-related effects where females developed mammary tumors and pituitary and kidney problems; whereas males died mostly due to severe kidney failure. The study stated that groups which died prematurely was 50% coming from the male sex, while 70% is from the female sex.

Scientific Manipulation

From the findings of Séralini alone, GMOs must put to end, basically because of its correlation to multiple diseases. The revelation of this study prompt it re-publishing with the Environmental Sciences Europe. However, even with the success of Séralini’s study, many scientists still opposed him, an industry retraction. This manipulation in the field of science isn’t new. Its effect on politics and the corporate world has gotten out of hand that both politics and industries have controlled it, rather than the other way around.

Fraud is an issue being touched but never brought up in the field of science. This is the reason why most harmful products are still on the market when their main existence are highly questionable. Right now, it’s not nuclear bomb which can put an end to the human race — its pesticides flowing within our bloodstreams.

Think about it. GMOs lead to cancer. Cancer rates keep rising. More people dying without finding the cure. Fewer people recognize the cause of the disease. Sounds both logical and illogical. If there’s a ‘right time’ to be vigilant about these things … it is NOW; or it will be never.

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