The 12 Biggest Lies the For-Profit Cancer Industry Wants You to Believe

cancer industry

(DoctorFarrah)- You do know that Cancer is a for-profit industry now, do you? All the cancer doctors (the ones we call “oncologists”), chemotherapy drug makers, cancer surgeons, institutions that peddle radiation therapy – all of these are profiteering agents of the cancer industry that we are moving around in.

And to keep the cancer industry from dying, all they have to constantly do is keep you from the truth of cancer by spreading lies about “how it originates, how it can be prevented, and how it can be reversed”!

To do that, all they have to do is falsely diagnose you and give you a “false positive diagnosis”. They scare you by saying that the only way to treat or cure your cancer is to engage in the three foundations of cancer treatment: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And then they gloat over the spoils of your treatments which are exorbitant charges for all three treatments I mentioned. That is how the cancer industry thrives now.

Fortunately, we are here to enlighten you on these false truths. All you need to do is to keep an open mind and watch out for these 12 lies about cancer being peddled by the for-profit cancer industry:

LIE #1: There is no cure for cancer.

TRUTH: Obviously the guy who concluded this has not been up to date with the hundreds of reported cures for cancer now – and a number of them utilize natural methods and use natural herbs and plants. 

LIE #2: Chemotherapy treats cancer.

TRUTH:  Chemotherapy is like raining bombs onto your body without any discretion as to which cells and tissues are going to be harmed FOR LIFE! It is a primitive way of treating cancerous tumors which end up as an indiscriminate massacre of your cells. Unless the cancer tumor stem cells are destroyed or removed, the tumor grows back – sometimes more virulent than the first salvo.

Once the body is poisoned by chemotherapy, the body’s immune response is compromised, which explains the phenomenon of cancer returning, sometimes after a remission, in multiple organs within 12-14 months after a person goes through chemotherapy.

LIE #3: There’s no such thing as an anti-cancer food or herb.

TRUTH:  If there are no anti-cancer herb or food, then my Center should probably not be existing. Anti-cancer medicines are largely based on plants and herbs that have been helping us to cure a lot of diseases and ailments that it is totally unnatural to be using too many synthetic drugs and treatments at the moment. Some of these powerful natural foods include herbs and plants like garlic, turmeric, onions, ashwagandha, moringa, ginger, broccoli, serpentine, etc.) which are not that promoted in media nor in scientific conventions because Big Pharma can’t patent and turn them into high-profit drugs.

LIE #4: It is in your genes to get cancer and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

TRUTH:  There is nothing in your genes that is programmed for you to develop cancer. Your genetic code has been created over millennia to generate a YOU which is perfectly attuned for health. Unless your body’s cells are exposed to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals which are existing in the environment and the food and water you consume, then our good genes are likely to undergo mutations leading to cancer.

LIE #5: Modern cancer treatments are highly effective and supported by scientific evidence of their safety and efficacy.

TRUTH: The real score supported by several studies is that chemotherapy works only on about 2% of cancers; the rest of the 98% are failed cases which brought more damage to the patient’s health, particularly on their liver, brain, heart, and kidneys. As quoted by some experts, the treatment (chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy) kills the patient rather than the disease.

LIE #6:  The drug companies want to find a cure for cancer.

TRUTH: If a cure for cancer was discovered today by Big Pharma, then the drug companies will not be existing tomorrow to make humungous profits. Definitely Big Pharma wants to keep milking cancer patients of their money by providing the most expensive and prolonged treatments ever for cancer – and watch while the patient eventually dies of the treatment and not the cancer itself.

LIE #7:  There is no link between diet and cancer.

TRUTH:  What goes in is highly responsible for what comes out of your body. If you smoke packets of cigarettes every day, eat unlimited fats (that tend to clog arteries and veins), heap yourself with a lot of glucose and sugars, and dine on processed food in every meal over a prolonged period of time, chances are your risks for cancer will certainly skyrocket.

LIE #8: Pesticides and herbicides don’t cause cancer.

TRUTH: Pesticides only work because they interfere with metabolic processes and kill organisms. By itself, they are highly toxic.  The world’s most popular herbicide, glyphosate, is molecularly very similar to VX Nerve Gas, the most toxic substance ever created by man, and developed as a weapon of mass extermination by Nazis in the concentration camps during World War II.

LIE #9:  Sunlight causes cancer (and sunscreen prevents it).

TRUTH:  Reasonable sunlight exposure actually PREVENTS cancer by producing vitamin D in your skin. Most people are drastically vitamin D deficient, and it is low vitamin D levels that generate the cancerous tumors to grow throughout the body, particularly during the winter season. Vitamin D is such a powerful nutrient that it alone has been shown to prevent more than 80% of all cancers.

LIE #10: Cancer doctors want to help you eradicate cancer.

TRUTH: The cancer doctors or oncologists who don’t use chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments but use only all-natural, organic and painless treatments are those who are “genuinely” after your health and happiness. Those who use the three foundations of cancer treatment are most likely after their financial gains, as it creates repeat business for them.

LIE #11:  Cancer is an “enemy” that has taken over your body, and it should be eradicated by attacking the body with toxic chemicals.

TRUTH: Cancer is actually your body’s own cells multiplying out of control. Our immune system is always on standby mode to fight off any attacker, such as dangerous chemicals or viruses that seem to be out of sync or not supposed to be there in the first place. Modern medicine’s take is that cancer is like an infectious disease from out there and the way to cure it is by using toxic chemicals to remove the cancer. But cancer is actually your own body’s cells going haywire to kill the external threat, e.g. toxic chemicals in the atmosphere, in your food and water, etc.

LIE #12: Having a double mastectomy prevents breast cancer.

TRUTH: Chopping off body parts through surgery that might someday get cancer is perhaps the most illogical and unthinkable way of attempting to avoid or eradicate the disease. Have you ever heard of a doctor who recommended having a man’s genitals chopped off to save him from cancer?

Be informed and save yourself from the lies the for-profit cancer industry is promoting now. 

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