The Superfood/Wonder Food Noni Drink

The Superfood/Wonder Food Noni Drink

Have you heard of an odd-looking, green fruit with “eyes” called “Noni”? It’s supposed to come from a tropical-bearing tree that can grow as high as 20 feet tall.

Taken as a food supplement and introduced to the market less than 10 years ago, the Noni fruit is now marketed as a drink by several marketing companies. One of these brands is the Tahitian Noni Drink.

History of the Noni Drink

The Noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) has a very interesting story though. Even though it is only being known right now, the Noni fruit and tree has been existing since ancient times. The South Pacific people have been using it as an overall tonic for blood pressure and an overall feeling of wellness for hundreds of years.

Then a plant managed to get into the US and eventually, was developed into a drink. Now, the Noni fruit is included in the top 10 most popular herbs in the US now. What makes the Noni drink this popular?

Noni Studies show multi uses for the Noni drink. Although I have only seen a few of these fruits in the flesh, I can tell you that it has several great uses, judging from the user testimonials of some of my patients and friends.

Heightened Energy

Consumers of the Noni fruit and drink report a spike in energy levels, especially when you consume it for maintenance. Usually, 2-4 tablespoons of the drink are consumed every day, particularly before meals. It is definitely a drink well-suited for someone who needs an energy spike but it also keeps you feeling energetic all day.

Anti-Cancer Remedy?

Noni has cancer-killing attributes. It destroys cancer cells through the trace element selenium and the anthraquinone damnacanthal. Prevents the spread of cancer through elements like beta-sitosterol, noni-ppt, and limonene. Also has polysaccharides which help in strengthening the immune system. And it helps in enlarging cell membranes so they can absorb nutrients better.

The Noni fruit is also reportedly known for providing relief from joint pain or chronic back pain. A University of Hawaii researcher said the Noni fruit can also fight cancerous growth and provide anti-microbial properties against E. Coli bacteria.

In fact, the Noni drink is fast becoming a “wonder cure” in a number of countries. A study of 1,227 doctors and health professionals collecting data from 25,000 noni drinkers concluded that noni was able to reduce the symptoms of a number of health diseases.

The only side-effect of Noni at this time is that since it is high in potassium content, it might not be advisable to be used by those having kidney problems.

Except for the high potassium content, Noni fruit and its juice are definitely a must superfood for all people and for all ages, with or without a health problem.

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