Cancer Surgery

What is Cancer Surgery?

Surgery it is a branch of a medicine that require to remove tumor. It removes parts of the body affected by disease or disorder to return the feeling of the patience well.

The goal of surgery is to diagnose cancer, remove all cancer or tumor. And to find out where the cancer is from and the affected parts of the organ to begin the operation.  Another goal is to restore the body from the pain. In addition, this is also to recover the normal feeling and relieve the side effects.

Surgery is used to prevent, diagnose, stage, and treat cancer. Surgery can also relieve (palliate) discomfort or problems related to cancer. Sometimes, one surgery can take care of more than one of these goals. In other cases, different operations may be needed over time.

You will find specific cancer operations discussed in treatment information for each cancer type.

Surgery to diagnose Cancer

Surgery is one way to help diagnose cancer. In most cases, the only way to know if a person has cancer and what kind of cancer it is, is by taking out a small piece of tissue.Diagnose means to recognize disease,illness authorized person or a surgeon make a cut called an incision in the skin,he/she removes some suspicious tissue from your body to take for examination.

-There are two types of surgical biopsies,an incisional and an excisional biopsy.The incisional biopsy is the removal of a piece of the suspicious area for examination and the excisional biopsy is the removal of the entire suspicious area, such as an unusual mole or a lump.

These are several types of Cancer Surgery

Curative Surgery. removal of a cancerous tumor.Tumor is a mass or a solid abnormal cell,that can grow or can spread and invade to other normal cell if not treated.Followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy to removed the abnormal cells and a cancerous cells.

Preventive Surgery is used to keep cancer from occurring.Removing precancerous polyps before they become malignant can prevent colon cancer.Breast cancer can prevent from occurring if the person with the breast cancer decided to removed her breast.

Reconstruction. Return the body normal or near to normal appearance especially to the woman who take mastectomy (breast removed).And it also restore a person’s appearance and function after surgery to the head and neck area. is used to improve the way a person looks after major cancer surgery. It’s also used to restore the function of an organ or body part after surgery.

Staging. Staging surgery is done to find out how much cancer there is and how far it has spread. During this surgery, the area around the cancer including lymph nodes and nearby organs is examined.To determine the extent of cancer,using Endoscope will able to view the affected area and take a sample tissue without an incision and for abdominal tumor,also a Laparoscope used to view area with a small incision in the abdominal cavity.also determine the size of tumor and if or where it spread.

Palliative surgery.This type of surgery is used to treat problems caused by advanced cancer. Palliative surgery can be used to correct a problem that’s causing discomfort or disability. For example, some cancers in the belly (abdomen) may grow large enough to block off (obstruct) the intestine. If this happens, surgery can be used to remove the blockage.Also used to relieve distressing symptoms in an individual with no hope of cure or intent to lengthen their lifespan is considered palliative.

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