Chemotherapy Triggers Inflammation and Growth of Cancer Cells, Extends Life by Only 3 years – Study

As I read this news, I had one thing lurking in my mind: “Alas, another study debunking the ineffectivity of chemotherapy on someone’s cancer – and explaining why it doesn’t work on cancer cells!”.

Yet the number of people who believe or are convinced that chemotherapy can kill or cure cancer still continues up to this day despite the number of studies that have proven that it does spread the disease rather than eradicate it permanently.

In this recent study by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, chemotherapy and radiation treatments which were supposed to kill tumor cells are found to generate bigger and more prolific cancerous tumors in the body.  In fact, the study said dying cancer cells which chemotherapy have impacted on actually trigger more inflammation and cause tumors to grow more aggressively.

Dr. Dipak Panigraphy, Assistant Professor and senior author of the study said: “In this study, we demonstrate that chemotherapy-generated debris from dead and dying tumor cells can stimulate tumor growth, which has pivotal implications for the treatment of cancer patients. Conventional cancer therapy designed to kill tumor cells is inherently a double-edged sword.”

Dr. Dipak’s team’s findings strengthen the results of another similar study published last year in the Science Translational Medicine that revealed that chemotherapy can cause breast cancer cells to multiply. Another 2013 study also produced some really disturbing findings. Published in Nature, it says that the study’s authors found out that chemotherapy promotes the spread and growth of cancer cells by damaging the healthy tissues around the tumors, as well as causing the cancer cells to develop resistance to chemotherapy, basically turning them into “super cancer cells”. These cancer cells will then be resistant to the most aggressive types of chemotherapy available, making that cancer much deadlier than ever before.

No Chemotherapy is better than having it!

University of California in Berkeley Medical Physics and Physiology Professor Dr. Hardin B. Jones said his research proved that chemotherapy kills cancer patients much more quickly than if they haven’t had the treatment at all. In his research, he discovered that cancer patients who declined chemotherapy treatment lived longer by 12.5 years on average compared to those who received chemotherapy who lived longer only for 3 years on average. He concluded that patients who refused conventional cancer treatments lived 4 times longer on average than those who didn’t.

Since the start of the year 2000, chemotherapy has killed more than 18 million people, which is more people than those who have died from terrorism, wars, and suicides combined, said the Pharma Death Clock.

Yet cancer treatment seems to be a goldmine for some and a bane for the afflicted. According to The Waking Times, Americans continue to spend more than US$107 billion annually on cancer treatment. That figure is projected to increase to US$150 billion 2 years from now – that is if the rate of increase continues.

I do not advocate nor promote cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy because I believe they exacerbate the disease rather than curing it. This study just bolsters my beliefs.


Image by National Cancer Institute / CC0 1.0