Meditation is Prevention

(DoctorFarrah)- Meditation truly is a very complex act. Is it really an act when you actually need to stop doing what you do to do it? Sounds bizarre, but meditation is difficult to attain. Some would think that meditation is sitting on a lotus posture on top of a hill, or taking a moment to be quiet and ponder but, it is deeper than that; meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness where you try to stop your mind to think, attentively.

Ever heard of people saying “It’s just all in the mind” telling you that what you feel is just the thought inside your mind and not the actual feeling. Well, sometimes it is. You just have to take some time to stop thinking about it and voila! It can help you heal.

Substantial scientific research has proven that meditation can help in eliminating common ailments. It helps the body and mind function better in measurable ways. Simple activities done in meditation can lead to massive improvements in physical and mental health.

Although the connection of meditation in common ailments is not yet fully investigated, meditation is still a good practice in controlling fear and anger. Not mentioning that staying healthy is not an easy task. Our bodies operate in multiple functions; it is not enough to cure illnesses when they arise, it is more of the small things we do every day that has greater impact to our bodies in the long run.

Meditation may not be the cure for all; it may heal an illness of one but won’t work to the other. It is more valuable as a preventive measure where it helps our body achieve its optimum function and postpone the effects of aging. It is of a great help in keeping our sleep patterns healthy, thus, giving us more energy and stronger immune system. It also keeps our blood pressure controlled before it could be worsen into stroke. Meditating also helps us respire better, digest better, handle pain better, and manage our health in more clever ways.

Small things, when they add up, can lead into bigger problems. Meditation can help you cope up with the little things for you to do more.

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