Natural Hormonal Therapy: Nature’s Answer to Conventional Side Effects

Statistics have shown that most breast cancers are hormone-receptor positive. About 80% are estrogen-receptor positive, 65% are progesterone and estrogen-receptor positive, 13% are estrogen-receptor positive and progesterone-receptor negative, and 2% are estrogen-receptor negative and progesterone-receptor positive. In fact, Estrogen-receptor positive (ER+) suggests that cancer signals may be received from estrogen which could promote the growth.

Same goes with the progesterone-receptor positive (PR+). It suggests that cancer signals may be received from progesterone which promotes the growth. Thus, when a receptor is in negative state (estrogen and progesterone-negative receptors), receptors are not present. So, this only means that hormonal therapy is unlikely to work.

Hormones and Hormonal Therapy

Glands release chemical messengers which are known as Hormones. Then, they travel in the bloodstream to all parts of the body to targeted cells and tell what to do. Moreover, they are responsible for functions such as the growth and activities of particular cells, metabolism, and reproduction. In fact, by changing hormonal levels or simply removing it, it can eliminate cancer cells which are hormone dependent. Thus, this could be done by:

(1) removing the gland that makes the hormone,

(2) treat the gland with radiation to destroy cells that produce hormones, and

(3) take hormone drugs to stop the production.

Hormonal therapy works as a systematic treatment. Actually, it uses medicines to obstruct or lower the volume of hormones in the human body. This is to stop the growth of cancer. In addition, aside from breast cancer, hormonal therapy can also treat prostate, ovarian, and cancer of the womb.

Possible Side Effects

There are several reactions in which the body may respond to this treatment. Well, these include:

  • Swelling or weight gain
  • Intense heat
  • Treatment-induced menopause
  • Breast swelling or tenderness
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fertility problem
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Blood clots
  • Osteoporosis

However, given the abundance of possible “additional” illnesses in adopting this treatment, we recommend a simpler way of treatment with no or minimal side effects. Thus, we are very fortunate to know that NATURE has a solution for this.

Hormonal Balance: a Natural Approach

Though, science has attempted to provide a fast-paced curing effect, the gaps of these conventional treatments will still be filled through healthy lifestyle which requires eating healthy and exercise. So, avoiding fatty foods and a diet rich in calcium will be effective in preventing heart diseases, osteoporosis and cancer.

In fact, according to studies eating broccoli promotes good metabolism. While, yams relieve menopausal symptoms. Also, engaging in weight-bearing exercise bolsters bone density, while aerobics makes the heart healthy.

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